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Classy Bath Collection Bath Bombs

This Bath Bomb Gift set Includes 5 Bath Bombs . The 5 Unique Scents are:

- 24 - Carat -Indulge Yourself with this Aroma of Raw Honey,Cocoa Butter and Delicious Chocolate

- Raspberry Fantasy-  Delight Your Senses with a Dreamy Blend of Rich Dark Chocolate Drizzled over Sweet Raspberries and Vanilla on a Velvet Musk

- Sweet Memories- This Playful Blends of Vanilla, Cotton Candy and Caramel will Bring Back Cherished Memories

- Lavender Mint-  Is Both Uplifting yet Relaxing Scent

- Peppermint Chill- A Crisp Clean Peppermint Aroma with Hints of Vanilla Bean

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Classy Bath Collection, 5.5oz Bath Bombs, Gift set of 5